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Blackjack Books

These books were written by experts and are loaded with useful information that will help you master the game of Blackjack. They aren't too expensive and are a fantastic investment, your next visit to a casino will be much more exciting, and profitable, when armed with these strategies.

The World's Greatest Blackjack Book
Now, for the first time, the most comprehensive guide to blackjack ever written is available as a trade paperback.
Blackjack Bluebook II - The Simplest...
It contains an extensive chapter on correct basic strategy, including a color-coded strategy chart--plus clear explanations of the proper plays for several hands that are consistently misplayed. It presents 3 different card counting systems ranging from entry-level to professional, and showcases the KISS Count--an easy-to-use, upgradable system for gaining a full-scale advantage in today's modern games. This book contains over 40 useful charts and 60 vivid hand illustrations.
Blackjack: Play Like the Pros
Blackjack: Play Like the Pros is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to playing and winning at blackjack. John Bukofsky—an expert player and card counter with over twenty years experience—provides readers with clear and engaging instruction in everything from the basics of game-play and strategy, up to and including card counting at the professional level.
Blackjack Blueprint
From the first turn of the card to getting out of a foreign country with a suitcase full of cash, BLACKJACK BLUEPRINT is the most comprehensive book ever written on learning to play blackjack for profit. This book covers everything from basic strategy to counting cards, from maximizing potential going solo to playing on a blackjack team. Casino comps, tournaments, location play, shuffle tracking, playing in disguise, outwitting the eye in the sky, and other advantage-play techniques--it's all here.
Knock-Out Blackjack
Revolutionary card-counting system for blackjack. All you need to know is how to add and subtract by one. Expanded second edition is easier to understand, learn, and use.
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